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Delicate tattoos are in vogue all over the world. They stand out for being small, simple and charming at the same time. They are suitable for both men and women, of all ages.

Despite being mostly small, delicate tattoos never go unnoticed. They attract much more for their lightness than for their size. In addition, different styles can be used.

Which delicate tattoo to choose?

There is a great infinity of possibilities when it comes to making delicate tattoos . In addition to the thousands of ready-made designs, you can also innovate by creating your own art, in a personalized way.

Among the main styles of tattoos used, for more delicate designs, are minimalist, pointillism and watercolor. Another very interesting option is with geometric shapes , prioritizing straight lines.

Despite this, it is possible to create delicate tattoos from any professional style or technique. Everything will depend mainly on the design chosen, the size, the colors and the details involved.

Who can get delicate tattoos?

Women are always the most interested in lighter and more delicate tattoos. But that doesn’t mean the male audience can’t get tattoos like that. There are many interesting options, which please the public equally.

Where to get delicate tattoos?

Delicate tattoos can be done anywhere on the body. The smaller, the greater the possibilities. Many people choose regions such as shoulders , breasts, fingers and heels for delicate tattoos.

The wrist is also a good area for these tattoos since they are usually small and not as flashy. But you can also get a more delicate tattoo on areas like your legs and arms.

Precautions when making delicate tattoos:

Even though the tattoo is small and delicate, it remains a permanent mark on your body. Therefore, it is important that you educate yourself about the tattoo process, choose the design well and also the professional.

When making a delicate tattoo, the professional must be extra careful. Any error, no matter how small, can completely compromise the quality of the final result.

For this reason, choose to get your tattoos done by professional tattoo artists, who have experience with delicate tattoos . Also, specify how you want the tattoo, such as colors, stroke style, and details.

How much does a delicate tattoo cost?

The cost of a delicate tattoo varies greatly depending on the characteristics of the design, the time spent in the tattooing process, colors and size.

Although small tattoos are generally cheaper than large tattoos, this rule does not apply in all cases. Many small tattoos can cost as high as for large tattoos.

Not to mention that the amount charged may vary according to the professional who performed the procedure. As we are talking about delicate tattoos , the professional must be extremely careful – and this can end up reflecting on the price.

Are you going to get a delicate tattoo? Choose a design that you like a lot, think about the part of the body where the tattoo will be done, choose the professional and that’s it. Delicate tattoos are absolute success.

Photos of delicate tattoos:

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