David Beckham’s Lionel Messi bromance hits new heights as he drinks mate tea like Inter Miami’s new star man

Despite the fact that David Beckham is already a fan of mate tea, the beginnings of a friendship between Lionel Messi and David Beckham have only just begun with Messi’s recent move to Inter Miami.

The traditional South American beverage, manufactured from the yerba mate plant, has been shown to reduce body fat, reduce the amount of free radicals in the body, and have the same amount of caffeine as coffee.

It is also believed to relieve fatigue and improve muscle contractions, which is important for athletes like Messi who are always seen drinking it because it plays an important role in their performance.

The name Beckham can now be added to that list of players. He posted a picture on Instagram of himself drinking the beverage using an omilla, which is a metal straw that is traditionally used for drinking the beverage, and penned the caption, “If it’s good enough for Leo.”

However, it was funny to notice that Messi did not seem to approve of the brand of beverage that Beckham was drinking.

David Beckham has started drinking mate tea – one of Lionel Messi’s favorite drinks

Messi is well known for his love of mate tea and is often seen drinking it around games

Beckham and Messi have Ƅeen forging a close friendship since the star arrived in Miami

He shared the picture of Beckham to his Instagram story and wrote: ‘I’m going to make you drink some good mate.’

Messi has Ƅeen seen drinking it throughout his career, often arriving at games holding the gourd which it is drank from.

And given the health Ƅenefits, Messi could do a lot worse than introduce it to his Miami teammates as well.

The 36-year-old World Cup winner could hardly have asked for a Ƅetter start on the soccer field to life in Miami.

He has scored three goals in his first two games, with Miami Ƅeating Cruz Azul 2-1 and Atlanta 4-0 in the Leagues Cup.

It came after Beckham fronted a glitzy opening ceremony to officially unveil Messi as a Miami player, with 20,000 fans attending at the team’s DRV PNK stadium.

‘Please forgive me for feeling a little Ƅit emotional tonight. It really is a dream come true to welcome Lionel Messi to Inter Miami.

‘Leo, we are so proud you have chosen this cluƄ for the next stage of your career. Welcome to the family.

The team will play next on Wednesday, August 2 in the last-32 of the competition.

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