Colors bring tattoos to life

A Shade of Color – Tattooist Joojoo Interview

Colors bring tattoos to life. Tattooist Joojoo shares in this interview how simple color sᴛʀᴏᴋᴇs can highlight a tattoo and express emotions.

There’s a unique charm to fine line tattoos. Simple, sleek, and elegant, the lines are so on point that they don’t need many decorations. But being a tattooist means finding one’s own style. Out of so many fine line work out there, tattooist Joojoo’s profile stood out on my feed because of it. Joojoo combines fine line with colors. What looks like a simple sᴛʀᴏᴋᴇ of random colors gives the tattoos their emotions. And when they have feelings, they become relatable.

I am honored to interview tattooist Joojoo about tattooing, art, inspiration, and more. If you love fine line tattoos, don’t miss out.

Tattooist Joojoo interview

The start of the career

Tattooist Joojoo is based in South Korea. As a young artist, Joojoo entered the industry four years ago and has been actively practicing. While many artists do fine line tattoos in South Korea, Joojoo manages to stand out from the crowd.

“I would describe my tattoo style as fine line, minimalist, but with a twist. And the twist is color.”

All the tattooists I’ve interviewed have different paths that led them into the industry. But they all share something in common – the passion for art. Joojoo is no exception.

“I love expressing myself, but not verbally. Instead, I love to communicate with art, music, and fashion. Among them, tattoos are my biggest passion. That’s why working as a tattooist always fascinates me.”

But just like the other South Korean tattooists, Joojoo also faces a legal challenge.

“I love my job. It’s challenging and fulfilling. And Korean tattoos are loved by the world. But according to the law, non-medical professionals are prohibited from tattooing. However, no one goes to the doctors for a tattoo. That’s what frustrates me the most.”

From sketch to ink

Despite all the challenges, Joojoo is determined to become the next star in the industry. And inspiration is the beginning of every good tattoo.

“I love music, novels, and nature. So I immerse myself in these elements to find inspiration and paint the scenes in my head. And when I find something I am really interested in, I dig deeper into the shapes and colors and briefly sketch it on paper. Then I add colors to see how it fits.”

Joojoo’s minimalist colored tattoos

Joojoo values the harmony of tattoos. So the lines, colors, and shadows must work together to create cohesive body art.

“Personally, I love the simplicity of thin, black lines. And I do my best to keep the lines clean. That will help the tattoos preserve better. However, colors are important as well. The same black fine line tattoos will carry different emotions if I add different sᴛʀᴏᴋᴇs of colors to it.”

For example, almost all of Joojoo’s signature lettering work has a single or two-color background, giving them an edge in aesthetics.

“I remember when I did my first lettering tattoo, the original version looked a little bland for me. So I came up with adding pastel colors to the lettering. And it instantly got more feminine and warm. It was a breakthrough because I realized there was a limit to how much lines and words can express. And colors break those limits.”

Joojoo is also an animal lover with a collection of super adorable animal tattoos. Birds, dogs, cats, whales, some are simple outline tattoos. But there are intricate ones too.

Joojoo’s animal tattoos

“I love all animals on the planet, especially flurry animals. That’s probably because I have a dog and a cat. They bring my life so much joy. So I understand why animal tattoos are so popular – they are permanent companions of the wearer.”

How to find a good tattooist and a good tattoo

Everyone has a different standard of good tattoos. Some people look for small and meaningful tattoos, while others are in for aesthetics. But as a tattooist, Joojoo sees it more technically.

“I think a good tattoo should fit the skin tone. So it doesn’t look awkward. Better if it complements the body shape. That’s the goal I am pursuing as well.”

The combination of colors and black lines

Of course, if you consider getting a tattoo, you probably don’t need to worry too much about the execution. But it’s key to find a good tattooist who can turn your ideas into ink on the skin. So what should we look for in a good tattooist?

“In my option, a good tattooist should have a strong sense of responsibility, creativity, and passion for tattooing. Tattoos are a big commitment. When clients trust you with their skin, it’s a huge responsibility. That’s what will drive you to practice to perfection. So talk to the tattooists you have in mind, and check out their previous work. Avoid them if their work is sloppy and you don’t feel the passion in your conversation.”

If you are going back and forth about the design of your first tattoo, tattooist Joojoo also has some good suggestions.

“Start with something you like. Look around. Maybe it’s your dog, flowers in your bedroom, or a quote that inspires you. If it’s aesthetically pleasing to you, and better if you resonate with its meaning, it makes good tattoo materials.”

Looking at the future

A good tattooist never stops learning and improving. And that’s what Joojoo does.

“If I were not a tattooist, I would probably be a craft or costume designer, definitely art-related. But for now, my goal is to improve my drawing skills and learn as much as possible. And hopefully, when I have the opportunity to do guest work in other cities or countries, I can learn even more about different cultures.”

If you want to know more about tattooist Joojoo, check out Joojoo’s Instagram profile. Or if you have any questions, leave them in the comment!

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