Chris Hemsworth sparks debate after sharing ‘disrespectful’ post: ‘Not cool’

  • Chris Hemsworth has sparked not one but two debates in his Instagram comment section after sharing a set of photos and a video of himself fishing with his son while on a pre-Christmas holiday in Fiji.

    “My son wanted to catch a fish for the locals in Fiji and after three attempts and about 12 [hours] at sea we pulled in this beauty. Fed the village for three days,” he wrote alongside photos and a video of himself and his son, Tristan, nine, with a large sailfish.

    Chris Hemsworth with his son Tristan and wife Elsa Pataky
    Chris Hemsworth has sparked a heated debate after sharing a post that has been branded as ‘disrespectful’. Photo: Instagram/chrishemsworth

    Many people noticed in the video of Chris reeling in the fish that Tristan called him by his name, rather than calling him ‘Dad’, with the Thor actor responding to fans in his caption, “PS if [you’re] wondering why my son calls me Chris it’s because I’m his BFF and true mates don’t call each other dad.”

    This didn’t stop people from questioning why this was the case.

    “Why is his son calling him Chris?” one user questioned, with another responding, “I came to ask same question… what happened to Dad?”

    “It’s an Aussie thing I guess. Many of us do that,” a third said.

    “Disrespect calling your father by his name at that age,” someone else said. “I have always heard Chris call his father dad.”

    Others responded that it was “nothing serious” and pointed out that Chris had already explained the reason in the caption.

    However, some also seemed to take offence at the fact Chris and his son had caught a large fish and hadn’t thrown it back into the sea.

    “How long it took to let this majestic creature grow into this size,” one user said. “And one moment of stupid ego destroys it. No respect for mother nature.”

    “Why do you have to do this? Put him back!” another wrote. “You’ve literally just taken him from his home, how would you like it if I took you from your home and ate you?”

    “Poor fish, you are so unlucky to meet these people,” a third said.

    “Why would you not catch & release a gorgeous sailfish not good to eat. Not cool,” someone else wrote.

    Many defended Chris, with one user writing, “98 per cent of y’all being sad about the fish have probably eaten seafood in the past 30 days.”

    Chris Hemsworth with his family
    Chris has been enjoying a holiday in Fiji with his wife Elsa Pataky and his three children. Photo: Instagram/elsapataky

    “There are so many comments saying this is horrible, not to kill animals, so on and so forth,” another person wrote in their lengthy caption. “Just wanted to clarify with people of the comment section. This is how people live and do not starve to death, there is a circle of life for a reason. The villages on the land that Chris fed this fish to survive almost solely off of fish. He fed their village for three days with just this one fish, this animal was respected and honoured for its sacrifice.

    “For us to live something else must die, it’s a sad truth but it is the truth. The only thing we can do is give the animal our respect through utilizing every piece of it, that they did.”

    They continued, “On a side note to you Chris don’t let all of the harsh comments get to you, what an amazing memory to have with your son, and what an amazing thing to show your son in giving the fish to the village to feed their people.”

    “If munching on lettuce and not eating meat is your thing then all power to you but don’t comment saying this is immoral coz it’s literally just nature, we catch, we eat,” someone else added.

    “If you are having a go at him for catching a fish then you need to wander away and watch the grass grow,” another hit back. “This ONE fish fed a village for THREE days. That’s pretty sustainable if you ask me!”

    While many claimed that sailfish are endangered and at risk of going extinct, this is not the case, according to National Geographic.


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