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Butterfly tattoos are undoubtedly enchanting. They have a beautiful feminine and delicate design and have a huge meaning. Today we are going to clarify the real meaning of butterfly tattoos and on top of that we are going to present you with several examples in which you can be inspired!

Meaning of butterfly tattoos:

Since a long time, butterflies have been considered as the icon of beauty and the perfect shape.

The main symbolism they have is transformation. For the entire life of butterflies consists of 4 striking stages, which is called metamorphosis. The stages are: Egg, larva (or caterpillar), pupa (or chrysalis) and imago. Check out the representation in the image below:

If you’ve heard about the metamorphosis that butterflies go through throughout their lives, surely you’ve already imagined that transformation would be the main meaning when it comes to butterfly tattoos . However, there is not only that meaning, as it also symbolizes the beauty of nature, the rebirth of something good, evolution, freedom and the stages of life.

The butterfly design has a unique shape, but that doesn’t mean that all butterfly tattoos are alike or the same. There are hundreds of design variations that we are going to show you here. You can choose one that you like a lot and modify it, adding or changing some elements, which will make your tattoo unique and original.

You can opt for a black and white, colorful, watercolor, realistic, 3D, delicate, minimalist design, add phrases or words, moon phases, flowers, etc.

There are a hundred possibilities that you can choose from when creating your butterfly tattoo , it’s up to you to decide the combination and ask your trusted tattoo artist to reproduce the art on your skin.

Just below you will find some of the best pictures of butterfly tattoos on the internet, if you already wanted to get one, I’m sure that after seeing our selection of ideas you will want even more.

Butterfly tattoo on arm:

Small butterfly tattoo:

butterfly tattoo on shoulder

Butterfly tattoo with flowers:

Butterfly tattoo on leg:

butterfly tattoo:

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