Bruna Biancardi shows off a luxurious purse valued at over R$15,000

Bruna Biancardi flaunts her luxury bag while heading to an ultrasound with Neymar for their daughter

Influencer Bruna Biancardi gave followers a glimpse into her motherhood routine, sharing a photo as she headed to an ultrasound appointment for her pregnancy with Neymar’s child, Mavie. While getting her nails done, Bruna was seen carrying an orange Miu Miu bag valued at R$15,500 in Brazil, featuring leather and gold details with the brand’s logo.

Later that same day, Bruna also shared that her sister Bianca Biancardi’s social media account had been hacked. She announced plans to involve the police and gather others who have fallen victim to the scam to add to the investigation.

Previously, on June 24, Bruna and Neymar held a gender reveal party for their baby, announcing they were expecting a girl named Mavie. The party featured a roulette wheel for guests to win one of three souvenirs, including a box of chocolates, a hand-painted ceramic vase, and a ferris wheel with a tea set and saucer, which Bruna revealed was the most coveted item.

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