Because of her “fiery” shape, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fiancee prefers trophy gowns with deep slits to highlight her bust.

In a fresh set of pictures, Georgina Rodriguez displays her stunning “hourglass” figure.

The media and fans recently paid notice to Georgina Rodriguez as she visited the 2023 Venice Film Festival dressed exquisitely. She has now attended the Venice Film Festival five times on brand invitation.

She posted a set of images to her 55 million followers with the caption “5th year in Venice with love in my heart.”

In the picture, the female model is wearing a stunning off-the-shoulder crimson dress. Thanks to the deep neckline and body-hugging design, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend helps to accentuate her beautiful shape with a big bust and butt. White gloves and jewelry accents from the Pasquale Bruni range helped her accentuate her nobility and grace.

These images quickly gained popularity in the media and on social media. Many comments praised her for her style and attractiveness. “The hottest on the red carpet,” “I’ve had two children and still have a perfect figure,” “The design is charming and the red color is so trendy,” and other comments are among them. user opinions.

Body "bốc lửa", bạn gái Cristiano Ronaldo chuộng đầm cúp, xẻ sâu tôn vòng 1 - 1

Georgina Rodriguez is well-known throughout the world due to her long-lasting romance with Cristiano Ronaldo, the most well-known soccer player. She is a model who has been in a lot of commercials and picture campaigns for well-known brands. Georgina Rodriguez’s attractive figure, radiant beauty, and relative height of 1m68 all contribute to her high regard in addition to the popularity of her partner. Because of her physical advantage, CR7’s girlfriend can dress stylishly and accentuate her beautiful body. She has a tight diet and exercise routine, so this is feasible. A strapless dress is consistently the most popular option among the 8X beauties among them, followed by other garments of the same kind.

Along with neutral colors, she also chose patterns in vivid hues like red and pink. In addition to makeup and haircuts, beauty frequently focuses on accessories like jewelry, shoes, socks, and handbags to create a stunning overall appearance that is sumptuous and fashionable.

a photo of her posing in front of her boyfriend’s jet is also included. The gorgeous woman, a 1994 baby, held a distinctive Hermes Birkin bag and dressed in a corset top and wide-leg leggings.

Here are some more wardrobe choices made by Georgina Rodriguez:

Body "bốc lửa", bạn gái Cristiano Ronaldo chuộng đầm cúp, xẻ sâu tôn vòng 1 - 4

Georgina Rodriguez usually poses in bustier dresses for product advertisements and makes appearances in fashion magazines.

Body "bốc lửa", bạn gái Cristiano Ronaldo chuộng đầm cúp, xẻ sâu tôn vòng 1 - 5

The lovely woman stood out at the occasion in her off-the-shoulder, bare-breasted attire. The high slit on the skirt increases the wearer’s attractiveness. When wearing thin, see-through, or mesh clothing, beauties focus on choosing undergarments of the same color, moving, standing, and posing skilfully to avoid upsetting.

Body "bốc lửa", bạn gái Cristiano Ronaldo chuộng đầm cúp, xẻ sâu tôn vòng 1 - 6

When it comes to fashion ideas, Georgina Rodriguez consistently pushes the limits. Despite having a brown complexion and donning bright attire, CR7’s partner radiates beauty.

Body "bốc lửa", bạn gái Cristiano Ronaldo chuộng đầm cúp, xẻ sâu tôn vòng 1 - 7

She also favors traveling and go out in short, body-hugging two-piece gowns.

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