80 cool, classy men’s arm tattoos

When it comes to the best places on the body to get a tattoo, the arm stands out for several reasons, one of which is that it gives us a very large space for us to make the tattoo designs we want.


– The possibilities in this area are almost endless, we can adapt large or small designs, colored or black and gray, covering the whole arm or just a part of it, in short, we have several alternatives that we can adapt to our taste and style.


– Many people who want to get started in the world of tattoos opt for this area of ​​the body, the reason for this is that, depending on the part of the arm you tattoo, you can easily cover it whenever you want, using more clothing.” closed”, like a long-sleeved blouse, for example.


– If you prefer to tattoo a more visible part, like the forearm, be aware that some people still have a certain prejudice with this type of art. This group of people who are not fans of tattoos may include their boss or their future boss and this could end up causing problems at work or difficulty finding a new job. So think carefully before getting a tattoo in an exposed place.

When someone decides to get a tattoo, most of the time they want to express a message, something they want to convey to other people who see them. With that, they look for tattoo designs that can speak a little about their personality without even saying a single word.

After seeing our selection of photos of  tattoos on the arm  , which we have carefully separated for you, I am sure that your desire to get a tattoo will increase. After choosing a design that you like the most and that has to do with you and your personality, the only thing you have to do is choose a good tattoo parlor, to transfer the art to your skin, eternalizing the message you want to convey forever. Check out some ideas that might please you below and comment which one you liked best!

Forearm tattoos for men:

You must have seen other tattoos like this one where two masks appear, one laughing and the other crying, right? This represents, or means: “Cry now and laugh later”. The design of this tattoo is successful all over the world.

If like me, you also love to travel, this could be a perfect tattoo for you!

This tattoo represents the children of the communities who love to play football.

Photos of tattoos for men on the upper arm:

Usually men prefer to start tattooing the forearm first and only then complete it by going to the upper part of the arm in the biceps, triceps and shoulder region. Check out some examples of tattoos in this area:

Those tattoos where women have their faces made up imitating the makeup of a clown are known as chicanas.

This tattoo goes to anyone who loves a cup of coffee in the morning, but also loves a ʙᴇᴇʀ at night.

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