50 Flower Tattoos That Will Stay Fresh Forever

Tattoos inspired by nature are extremely appealing with most designs incorporating some form of botanical goodness. Flower tattoos are especially meaningful in addition to being beautiful with each flower symbolizing different ideas, themes, and hidden meanings. For this reason, floral tattoos are wildly popular for both men and women. Further, these designs are also beloved by tattoo artists as they allow for maximum expression and interpretation.

We wanted to discover the most inspiring designs in the world of flower tattoos so we took to social media to discover what fresh ink people are getting and sharing these days. We were pleasantly surprised to find that people are getting wildly inventive with their designs by using radically colorful ink or, conversely, understated and minimalist designs that are equally evocative. Let’s get into the flower power, shall we?

Learn How to Flaunt Florals with These Beautiful Flower Tattoos!

Lovely Lilacs

Lilacs are often considered symbols of spirituality and tranquility. We’d say these lilac flower tattoos look pretty peaceful and serene! The delicate application and the inclusion of white ink for highlight really put this design on a whole new level.

A Red Rose

Red roses symbolize romance and love which is likely why so many people choose them for their flower tattoos! This design is unlike most, however, as it has been tattooed in a completely original style. Find yourself a tattoo artist with a point of view and you could easily end up with something this spectacular.

Very Fine Violets

How dreamy are these violet flower tattoos? Often, artists will use black lines and then shade them in but here we find a softer look thanks to the absence of them. Violets have been considered a symbol of modesty since antiquity.

Poetic Peony

Peonies are a symbol of good fortune. We know that’s definitely the case as this is one of the most beautiful tattoos we have ever beheld. The black background really acts to make the colors in this design pop.

A Beautiful Bouquet

Why get just one type of flower when you can have multiple flower tattoos? We find vibrant colors across the spectrum here with a cute little ladybug on top to make this extra sweet.

Orchid for the Win

Here’s the most delicate orchid tattoo you will ever see! Orchids symbolize love and luxury and both feel apparent in this design. This tattoo is one of the smallest we’ve shown you but you can go even smaller!

Micro Realness

Micro tattoos are extremely popular among flower tattoos as they look like tiny treasures. This is one example done in black ink but we’ll share more like it as this list goes on.

A Whole Scene

One of the most stunning flower tattoos on this list, this masterpiece features all sorts of floral goodness along with one of the most beautiful hummingbirds you will ever lay your eyes on. If you’re interested in a half-sleeve tattoo, florals are clearly a wise way to go!

Watercolor Poppies

Flower tattoos done in a watercolor style are a match made in heaven. These expressive poppy flowers are such a dream come true. In literature, poppies have long been associated with sleep and peace (think of the famous scene from  The Wizard of Oz ).


The Bird of Paradise flower has one of the most unusual blooms of any plant. The buds look like birds! We love this take on the bud and it’s one of the most unique flower tattoos on this list!

Sharp Hydrangea

What do you think of this black ink hydrangea tattoo? We think it’s a very sharp-looking design. Most flower tattoos go full color but you can see that black offers sophistication.

More Poppy

Here’s another poppy tattoo but as you can see it’s been done in a totally different style. It’s reminiscent of decorative arts and illustration. If you’re interested in understated flower tattoos, you could do something similar!

Micro Magic

Here’s another micro tattoo and it’s so small and delicate that we’d bet it was done using the stick-and-poke method which is simply a machine-free tattoo done by hand. For the smallest designs, consider finding an artist who specializes in this type of tattooing.

Here for the Drama

Marigold and Narcissus flowers look so dramatic in this tattoo! We find the gold and orange on the petals to contrast in a big way with the green and blue leaves. It makes the entire design truly look dynamic.

Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolize sweetness, grace, and feminity. We find all of those qualities in these flower tattoos look so breathy with their delicate blush color. We imagine a great many folks would love to have something similar.

Tiny Buds

Here are some teeny-tiny flower tattoos of lilacs and forget-me-nots. These super fine tattoos have a subtle symmetry that offers plenty of balance.

The Whimsy

Check out the color choices for this truly remarkable tattoo with flowers that are out of this world! This natural scene feels both fresh and timeless with a storybook style that meets new-school sensibilities. Bravo!


Do you see the image hidden in these flower tattoos? We don’t want to spoil the surprise but take a look at those colorful shapes and see if you see anything looking back at you. The pops of color really help balance out the moody black of the floral illustration. A real winner!


Traditional flower tattoos are very graphic like this one and the artist has chosen some interesting colors of ink to help update the design for a more contemporary look. If you love old-school tattooing, you should request something similar.

Going Big

Giant flower tattoos are a delight if you have the patience to sit for one of them. We find these luscious lilies to be perfectly placed on the shoulder blades for a clever look that accentuates the natural shape of the body.

Larkspur & Marigold

Larkspurs symbolize an open heart and marigolds represent the power of the sun. We think both look so cute in these flower tattoos that are super stylish and imaginative.

A Touch Abstract

Black, blue, and orange are clearly a winning color combo. We find two poppy flower tattoos here but also a lot of abstract imagery in the form of “brushstrokes” and round shapes that look like the sun and moon. What a delight!

Art Deco

These stunning flower tattoos with black and red details look like they come straight from the Art Deco period. If you want to find the sweet spot where graphic meets minimalism, something similar will serve you very well.

Lovely Lotus

This lotus tattoo looks like meditation in visual form. Take a deep breath and appreciate the intricacies of the flower paired with the simple line and dot elements.


Do you have a picture book that holds special meaning to you? There might be an illustration of flowers in it that will work as a subtle nod to your childhood favorite. These simple yet evocative red flowers look like child’s play in the best way.

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A Handful of Flowers

These very minimal flower tattoos are such a dream with color that’s applied to look almost like paint, we find it light, bright, and full of natural beauty. You don’t have to commit to a giant, complicated tattoo to make a statement.

Just Dandy

What do you think of this take on a dandelion? We think it’s exquisite. Find yourself a tattoo artist with a love for design and you could walk out with some truly inventive flower tattoos.

Just a World of Flowers

Did you expect to see the continents covered in blooms this way? We sure did not and we were so shocked when we first encountered this amazing tattoo. Black ink fill makes the beautiful colors of each flower truly shine.

Life & Death

How amazing are the flowers placed on top of this skull? This is an example of neotraditional tattooing at its finest!


How stunning are these pansies? This tattoo is dedicated to the person’s mom which feels even more special. Did your parental figure always keep a certain type of flower in your family’s garden?

Cartoon Smiles

This tattoo is still very fresh and we can expect the yellow smiley face to be clearer once the tattoo has healed. For your flower tattoos, you can go completely cartoonish and whimsical. There’s no need to take flowers so seriously!

Freeing Freesia

Freesia flowers symbolize trust and companionship. These flower tattoos are some of the most delicate on this list. Look how finely the color has been applied to the blossoms.

Orange Roses

These stylized rose flower tattoos look fresh surrounded by the rectangular border. Orange roses symbolize life and vitality!

Put Them In a Vase

By adding an element like a vase to your design, you can attract even more visual interest. If you have a beautiful vessel in mind, let it inspire your tattoo to give your flowers something to sit inside.

Chinese Milkvetch

Some flower tattoos are truly museum-worthy. We find this breathtaking design with a flower you don’t see very often, at least not in tattoo form, the Chinese Milkvetch. We’re in love!

Spider Lily

One of the most beautiful flowers on the planet, the Spider Lily, translated very well into ink. We write this often, but we’ll say it again, red ink is your friend. It always looks fantastic and adds so much life to your flower tattoos!

Feeling Blue

How sweet are these little blue blooms? The lines are so very fine on these flower tattoos that we’re almost positive it was done machine-free and by hand. What a dream!


We’ve spotted a bit of a trend with these black flower tattoos where a color block of some sort has been added. We absolutely love this look and hope this trend continues as it really does interpret how we see the world in such a unique way.

Color Choices

Check out the colors chosen for this mesmerizing flower tattoo. The aqua blue paired with the orangish-red are a match made in heaven. Black ink adds tons of depth and drama for an overall winning design.

On Fire

Just a blue rose on fire! This is the drama you cam for in the flower tattoos. In color theory, blue is associated with mystery which only adds to the interest in this inexplicably burning flower.


What’s being called 3D Tattoos are having a big moment today. We find so many of these designs and we must say this one with a rose is one of our favorites.

Go Ornamental

If you’re looking for very graphic and stylized flower tattoos, consider designing an ornamental representation of your favorite blooms. You can look to architecture and graphic design for inspiration.

Fairest Pink Peony

This is one of the most beautiful flower tattoos we have ever seen. It’s so pretty it punches you in the guy and steals your breath! Wow. Delicate, sharp lines and expert shading really make this tattoo one of the very best on this list.

Express Yourself

No, you will not find any flowers this wacky and neon in real life but that does not mean you still shouldn’t dream! Express yourself by requesting colors and design ideas for your flower tattoos that are personal to you.

Fade Into You

The ombré is strong with this one! How lovely does this delicate fade from orange to red look on the petals of this rose? We imagine the effect would look good for most flower tattoos.

A Nice Touch

Here’s another example of an ornamental design which is an abstract interpretation of a flower. Isn’t this the most perfectly sophisticated and understated design you’ve ever seen?

Gerbera Daisy

How lush is this Gerbera Daisy? Take a close look at the outline and you will discover the thinnest of white lines going around this entire design. It makes this flower tattoo looks like it’s floating over the arm and not actually on it!

Audrey II

We did not expect to see any  Little Shop of Horrors  love today but we suppose we should have seen it coming! We find the monstrous Audrey II among some truly beautiful buds. How fun and imaginative!

Sunflower Power

By far, Sunflowers and Roses are two of the most popular blossoms for flowers. We have seen many Sunflower tattoos but none like this one! It offers a very geometric take with such uniformity it teeters on the edge of being ornamental. More like this, please!

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Floral on the Forearm

If you’re looking for flower tattoos that will fit your forearm (which is one of the most popular locations), consider something that stretches down it like this as opposed to designs that wrap around the arm. We love the black background next to those soft pastel colors of the flowers and leaves. So much drama!

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