50 beautiful and cute small tattoo designs for boys and girls with the most meaning

“Buying” for yourself a small, cute tattoo to keep memories or send a meaningful message is currently a trend that is extremely popular with young people.

1. Beautiful small tattoos for women

Small tattoos not only have a deep meaning but also help girls freely express their own personality.

1.1. Nice small tattoo on neck

The skin of the neck is quite thin, there are many nerves, so tattooing is quite painful. However, this is also an easy-to-see position, helping the girls show off their beautiful tattoos. If you choose to have a tattoo on your neck, you can refer to the tattoo patterns of butterflies, swallows or dandelions flying in the wind.

1.2. Small tattoo on shoulder

With this position, tattoo of bilberry or dandelion flower is one of the ideas that are worth trying. Because these images are both artistic and show a strong spirit full of vitality, daring to let go of the old things to move towards a new and better life.

1.3. Small tattoo on back

Along the spine is the position chosen by many women to get a tattoo. With this tattoo position, girls can choose backless shirt models to the small tattoo in a more beautiful and seductive way.

1.4. Nice small tattoo on wrist

Letter tattoos are known to be one of the most commonly seen options when it comes to wrist tattoos. The girls can choose the content of the tattoo as a favorite saying, a word with a lucky meaning or reminiscent of a certain memory to remind and motivate themselves.

1.5. Beautiful little back of hand tattoo

The back of the hand usually won’t be covered by clothes or accessories, so this is a good place to show off meaningful tattoos for yourself. You can choose from tattoo letters, hearts, roses or cute animals to tattoo for this position.

1.6. Small tattoo on finger

Usually, in this position, the tattoo will be very small and mostly simple types of tattoos. Small tattoos for women on fingers are very convenient for girls to express their personality or the artistic quality of their souls.

1.7. Small arm tattoo

If the team is afraid of pain but still wants to have a tattoo, biceps are a perfect choice. This position not only has many muscles but also has thick skin and few nerves, so it will help you reduce pain. At the same time, this is also a semi-closed and half-open position to help you easily show off your unique tattoo.

1.8. Small tattoo on the waist for women

The girls who are personality, love the charm and beautiful, the small tattoo on the waist is a suggestion worth considering for you. A small waist with meaningful messages will definitely become a highlight, helping you to hold the gaze of the opposite person.

1.9. Small tattoo on foot

Ankle is the most popular location for people with small tattoos such as ankle tattoos or flower tattoos. These are tattoos that symbolize perfection and unity, and at the same time, represent the meaning of infinite time with no beginning or end.

1.10. Small tattoo on back of neck

The back of the female’s neck is usually quite slim and slim, so it is ideal for creating impressive artistic tattoos.

1.11. Tattoo behind the ear for women

Small tattoo behind the ear is also one of the special positions chosen by many girls because it is both discreet and shows the charm and attractiveness of women. Besides, girls can flexibly use their hair to cover their tattoos when needed!

2. Beautiful, masculine small tattoos for men

Small beautiful tattoos for men are usually bold animal tattoos or symbolic shapes. Some beautiful, masculine small tattoos for men include:

2.1. Beautiful small pattern tattoo

Pattern tattoos are currently being chosen by many young people because this is considered an amulet to help the owner stay firm in the face of all difficulties and challenges in life.

2.2. Mini lion tattoo

Lion tattoo is no longer strange to men. Therefore, to create more accents and differences, men can choose mini lion tattoos. Whether it is a large tattoo or a small tattoo, the lion is still a symbol of courage, courage and the spirit of always protecting and protecting the weaker beautiful.

2.3. Little unicorn tattoo

Small unicorn tattoos often symbolize honesty and the heart to always help people. Therefore, the boys who own this tattoo will surely be a warm, tolerant and selfless guy. In addition, this tattoo is very suitable for tattooing on shoulders, biceps or calves.

2.4. Beautiful small 3D tattoos for men

With professional polishing and contouring techniques, 3D small tattoo designs create a craze thanks to their depth and unique artistic beauty. This tattoo pattern is also very demanding on the skill of the tattooist.

2.5. Small 4-leaf clover tattoo

Surely everyone knows that the image of a four-leaf clover represents luck. Therefore, many men also “buy” themselves a 4-leaf clover tattoo in the hope that they will bring good things, giving themselves more motivation to overcome all difficulties in life.

2.6. Beautiful mini compass tattoo

If you want to have a milestone marking your transformation with new directions and goals, a mini compass tattoo is an appropriate choice. Compass tattoo as a encouragement, helping you to accurately determine the goal with firm and strong faith to continue on the chosen path.

2.7. Little star tattoo

Small star tattoo is a tattoo idea that is loved by many young people because of its simplicity, not fussy but extremely beautiful and meaningful. The star symbol is tattooed on the body as a determination to “shine” in the future, suggesting a better new beginning for the owner of this tattoo.

2.8. Beautiful small family tattoo

A quiet, quiet guy who still wants to show his love to his family can immediately try the word “family” tattoo on his wrist, biceps, chest or shoulder. Although this tattoo pattern is quite simple with unfussy lines, this inscription will surely be a precious reminder that you always have family with you every step of the way!

2.9. Family tattoo

In addition to tattooing the word family, some small tattoo designs showing family affection that men can refer to such as the number of birth years of family members, minimalist family portraits, etc. One of the interesting suggestions if men want to get a tattoo to show their love for their family.

2.10. Mini heart tattoo

Small heart-shaped tattoos are popular for a long time. Heart tattoos not only carry a lot of deep meanings, expressing the emotions of the owner, but they can also be flexibly varied with many different genres, making the tattoo more attractive. so nicely have 1-0-2.

2.11. Small key tattoo

Small key tattoos are usually reserved for an important person in your life and only they can make your heart and soul open and filled with love. Because of this, the tattoo of keys and locks is loved by many couples.

3. How much does a small tattoo cost?

Depending on the size, difficulty of the tattoo and the prestige and skill of each shop, the price of small tattoos will vary. Usually, small tattoos will only be about 10cm2 in size and have the lowest price of about 500,000 VND.

Don’t forget to check the price and learn more about the shop’s feedback and comments before getting a tattoo to make sure you can “buy” the best tattoo for yourself.

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