45 White Tiger Tattoos, Meanings, & Ideas

White tiger tattoos are as popular now as they have always been. They represent power and beauty. The white tiger is born missing a color pigment that results in white fur and black stripes with blue eyes. It leaves the tiger venerable to hunters and hinders them while hunting. Many of these tigers do not survive.

Tiger Tattoos Meanings

Some people wear white tiger tattoos for the meaning of a lifetime of struggle. White tiger tattoos are popular with both men and women worldwide and have universal meanings such as power and might, pride, passion, and sensuality. The white tiger has power known to ward off evil spirits and give good luck to those in need. Today, white tiger tattoos are seen for their beauty alone and a meaning that is maybe only clear to the person who has the tattoo.


White tiger tattoo designs come in a wide variety, so you can choose to put your tiger tattoo anywhere you like. Your white tiger tattoo looks better when you place it on the right body part, especially when it’s made to complement your body’s shape. A small or medium-sized tiger tattoo that includes the face of a tiger or a small body looks great on your arm, elbow, hand, and back. Some people also get tiger faces tatted on their fingers.

If you are going for a bigger tattoo, the perfect place for that will be your thigh, chest, and back. Other places where you can get a tiger tattoo include your leg, feet, neck, upper chest, and rib cage. Your white tiger tattoo will still look beautiful and royal no matter where you choose to get it inked.

White Tiger Tattoo Designs and Ideas

White Tiger Tattoo on Hand

Japanese Style

White Tiger Tattoos For Females

Portrait Style White Tiger Tattoos

This beautiful white tiger tattoo comes alive with great shading and detail work.

White Tiger on the Prowl

The crawling white tiger on the prowl looks great on the upper arm or back.

White Tiger Tattoo for Lengthy Placement

The length of the forearm showcases this white tiger very well. The crossed front legs are a nice touch.

White Tiger Tattoos in Natural Habitat

The white tiger in its natural habit. The leaves add depth to the tattoo and looks great on the lower leg!

Crawling White Tiger Tattoos

This simple white tiger on the upper arm looks great. The shading gives the guardian the look of movement. The use of white ink here is stunning!

White Tiger Tattoo on Waist

This view of the white tiger from above in a crawling stance looks great on the waist or forearm.

Fierce White Tiger Tattoos

This cat means business and shows off the meaning of power very well; excellent placement on the upper chest.

Nurturing White Tiger Tattoo

Hearts, lotus and a white tiger are a great symbol of love and the protective mother.

Cute White Tiger Tattoo

This cute and fun loving white tiger will make people smile.

Full Back Clinging White Tiger Tattoo with Theme Work

This large scale white tiger covering the entire back is awesome. Great detail work, with plenty of bold dark ink.

Tribal White Tiger Tattoo

This white tiger done in just the black stripes and highlighting looks great on the forearm.

3D White Tiger Tattoo in Color

This menacing white tiger at speed looks great on the forearm so it is seen easily by everyone.

Trendy White Tiger Tattoos

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