31 Fantastic butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos like all other tattoos are a universal language, so it should come as no surprise that our bodies are a language unto themselves. As with the rest of the world, cultures around the world have their own unique ways of saying things. For example, in China and Japan, intricate patterns or abstract designs used to show marital status or affiliation with an aristocratic class. In other cultures, tattoos can be seen as a mark of social status, while in certain parts of the world they can be seen as a mark of criminality.the butterfliesthese beautiful and delicate creatures are quickly becoming more and more prevalent in popular culture. Even before being taken seriously by tattoo enthusiasts across the world as an artistic medium, butterfly tattoos have been used for centuries by tribal people across the world for their special meaning and significance. To understand why these symbols have so much power and meaning for so many people around the world is to understand how they were first used by indigenous peoples to tell stories, convey values ​​and beliefs, identify friend from foe, and offer protection from evil spirits and bad omens.

Now see the fantastic butterfly tattoos we have chosen to inspire you:

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