28 Small Witchy Tattoos for Witchy Spirits in 2023

Human beings are magical creatures. Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have an unexplainable power inside us that can transform not only ourselves but also our surroundings. Unfortunately, the history of humanity has not always treated well to the witchy souls, stereotyping them as being “dark” and punishing them for this. Thankfully, we are living in an age that we can re-appreciate our witchy side through many things, including small witchy tattoos.

Witches are absolutely mysterious. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are bad beings. In fact, as in everything, there is a large spectrum of being good and bad witches. It may even be claimed that everyone has a witchy power in them and yet using that power and how to use it depends on the person’s choice. That is to say, you can reflect your own witchy soul, whether it is dark or bright, to your own witchy tattoos.

In recent years, vintage witchy tattoos are particularly popular as they are not only edgy but also quite spiritual. Today, we will present you with 28 small witchy tattoos that would enable you to express your witchy side. If you are a spiritual being interested in your inner power, this is the article for you!

1) Cats are witchy

Cats are best friends of witches but in real life and tattoos.

2) Hard-working witches

Just like cats, witches have multiple arms, all working at the same time.

3) Beetle Juice

A witch’s favorite drink is Beetle Juice.

4) Snuggly small witchy tattoos

Witches love to snuggle, too!

5) Turn your face to the moon

We witches get our power from the ultimate power source: the moon itself.

6) Matching witchy tattoos

You have two arms, two legs, two hands, and two feet. Utilize them by having matching tattoos.

7) Moon elevates you

Do not hesitate to put your true self out!

8) Pomegranate

Pomegranate represents fertility in the witchy world.

9) Haunted house small witchy tattoos

There is nothing scarier than the trapped haunted houses.

10) Bats are perfect pets

They are silent, adorable, and charismatic.

11) Witches-broom

Who says witches-brooms cannot be fancy?

12) Magic on the foot

Cast a spell through your tattoos.

13) Vintage witchy tattoos

Put your face on, so that everybody knows who the real witch is.

14) Tooth is a mush have in magic

Without the tooth, your spell would go in vain.

15) Cherry skulls

Be creative in your tattoos, improvise even the cherries.

16) Elixir is ready

It may seem like an innocent vase. And yet, it has the power to turn your life upside down.

17) It’s Voodoo time!

Bones are stick together, the red robe is tight, and the voodoo is ready.

18) Dragon small witchy tattoos

Who is the mother of the witches? No one but the dragons.

19) Your spell shines

Show off the glamour of the power of your spell.

20) Eyes are on you

Challenge your superstitions by embracing them.

21) Fingers crossed on small witchy tattoos

Don’t let your works disappear into the thin air, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

22) Put your heart out

You are not a puppet. You are a witch in your heart.

23) Magic dust small witchy tattoos

We can see your power through your hand.

24) Small witchy tattoos with perfection

You are your own armor.

25) A witchy cup of tea

Every witch needs her morning tea to spell the best casts ever.

26) Glamorous elixir bottle

Yes, they are making wonders. But they are also looking amazing.

27) Candle small witchy tattoos

Candles provide the stillness in the move. A peaceful mind has peaceful magic.

28) Crystals are your BFF

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