22 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds – Unique Types of Black Cats

It’s time to overcome your superstitions and adopt one of these gorgeous felines into your family.

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Yes, black cats are often associated with bad luck and witchcraft, but they’re actually some of the sweetest cats around. Cats with black fur are often social and like spending time with their owners, so if you want a cuddly, attentive kitty, then a black cat may be the one for you. As a bonus, black cats are also likely to live longer than other breeds, as the genetic mutations that cause cats to have black coats may also protect them from diseases. Not sure which black cat breeds are out there? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In addition to making a great pet, some cultures actually consider black cats to be a good omen rather than a bad one. In Japan, women who own black cats are believed to attract more suitors. In Great Britain’s English Midlands, black cats are said to bring good luck and happiness. And some 19th-century sailors even believed that black cats would ensure a safe trip and eventual return home. Good luck aside, you have your pick of the litter (literally) when it comes to choosing the right breed for you. If f you’re not yet convinced that your home needs a black cat, then reading about these adorable black cat breeds may do the trick.

black cat breeds  american shorthairGrace Cary//Getty Images

American Shorthair

Known for their large eyes, short ears, and slightly flattened faces, the American Shorthair is known as the original house cat, having come to America on the Mayflower. With a fur palette of more than 80 colors and patterns, American Shorthairs aren’t always black, but they’re almost always easygoing and sweet.

black cat breeds  turkish angora
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Turkish Angora

Similar to the Angora rabbit, the Turkish Angora cat is characterized by its small head, thick tail, and luxuriously soft fur. While this sociable breed typically gets along with just about everyone, including dogs and kids, they also tend to be the alpha of their household.

black cat breeds  lapermMARK LIDDELL//Getty Images


LaPerms can be found in just about every color and coat pattern (including black), though they do share a distinct feature: their incredibly fluffy fur. Funnily enough, LaPerm kittens are either born hairless or quickly lose all their hair, with their bouncy, curly coats growing in at about four months.

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black cat breeds  ragamuffin


Just like a rag doll, the calm and loving Ragamuffin is likely to go limp in your arms with just a little bit of petting. In addition to its warm disposition, this breed is known for its soft, low-maintenance coat.

black cat breeds  selkirk rexLUCY LAMBRIEX//Getty Images

Selkirk Rex

Like most cats with Persian heritage, the Selkirk Rex is known for its big eyes, flat nose, and round head. This breed tends to be mellow and friendly, and they’re beloved for their soft, curly fur, which comes in a variety of colors in addition to black.

black cat breeds manx
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Manx cats get their name from their homeland, the Isle of Man, off the coast of Britain, and they’re most easily recognizable for their lack of a tail, which is due to a genetic mutation from breeding. In addition to black, Manx cats can also be found in white, red, blue, cream, or silver.

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black cat breeds  sphynxAlexandra Draghici//Getty Images


Since the Sphynx is a hairless cat, its skin is what determines its coloring (and yes, there are Sphinxes with black skin). Since they have no fur, it’s important that owners of this breed keep them out of the cold and sun as much as possible.

black cat breeds norwegian forest cat
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Norwegian Forest Cat

Though they didn’t make their way to the U.S. until 1979, this native black-furred Norwegian breed is believed to have been brought aboard viking ships to hunt for rodents. Nowadays, the Norwegian Forest Cat tends to be a homebody that enjoys the company of humans and other pets.

black cat breeds exotic shorthairphoto by Volchanskiy//Getty Images

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthairs are also known as “the lazy man’s Persian,” as they have similar faces to Persian cats, but much shorter coats that require less maintenance. They come in many colors, including black.

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black cat breeds burmese
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Burmese cats can be traced back to the 1930s when a dark brown hybrid Siamese cat from Burma was first brought to the United States. Typically these kitties come in shades of tan and brown, but there are deeper black ones as well.

black cat breeds siberianfotografixx//Getty Images


Adaptable, energetic, and wildly intelligent, the Siberian is Russia’s national cat, and its long hair comes in a variety of shades. You can find these felines in brown, gray, white, and, of course, black.

black cat breeds bombay
MorganLeFaye//Getty Images


This medium-sized cat was developed in the 1950s and is a cross between a sable Burmese and a black American Shorthair. The Bombay is great with children, dogs, and other cats, and its soft, velvety coat is short, making it easy to groom.

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black cat breeds   japanese bobtailNancyAyumi//Getty Images

Japanese Bobtail

Though most Japanese bobtails are van-patterned or bi-colored rather than solid-colored, this breed comes in a variety of colors, including a lovely shade of black. This medium-sized cat is playful, affectionate, and a great fit for families.

black cat breeds - scottish fold
Sergey Kucherov//Getty Images

Scottish Fold

Though best known for its folded ears (which are the result of a genetic mutation), the Scottish Fold can also be recognized for its rounded head and big, sweet eyes. This short-haired, medium-sized cat gets along well with everyone and loves to follow you around, so if you’re looking for a little shadow, this is the breed for you.

black cat breeds   persianEmmanuelle Bonzami / EyeEm//Getty Images


Ever since the Persian came into vogue during the Victorian era, this fluffy cat has become the most popular pedigreed cat in the U.S. (and perhaps even the world). Expressive and affectionate, this cat may be high-maintenance, but it will make up for that extra grooming with lots of love.

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black cat breeds - american bobtail
SerKucher//Getty Images

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail was first developed by selectively breeding feral domestic cats possessing a natural bobtail, allowing them to survive feral environments. Wildly intelligent, this medium- to large-sized cat loves to play and is known for getting along with both other cats and dogs.

black cat breeds - american curlVof//Getty Images

American Curl

The most distinct characteristic of the American Curl is its adorable ears, which curl backward instead of standing up as the result of a spontaneous natural mutation. This breed has a particular fondness for children, probably because it loves to play and socialize (and doesn’t like to be left alone).

black cat breeds - british shorthair
drakuliren//Getty Images

British Shorthair

The British shorthair was once know as the British Blue because it came only in that one color, but nowadays, this cat’s short coat comes in a variety of shades, including pure black. Though this dignified cat may not be willing to sit on your lap, it will want to stay right by your side wherever you go.

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black cat breeds - orientalcynoclub//Getty Images


The Oriental was created by using the Siamese as a base and crossing it with American and British Shorthairs, Abyssinians, Russian Blues, and domestic cats. With its triangular face, tall ears, and slender legs, the Oriental is unmistakable, though it has the same loving, whip-smart personality as the Siamese.

black cat breeds - maine coonA.J. CASSAIGNE//Getty Images

Maine Coon

This native American long-haired cat was first recognized as a specific breed in Maine, and its sturdy build and thick coat makes it well-suited for harsh winters. Though large, the Maine Coon has earned a reputation as a “gentle giant,” as the breed is sought-after for family pets and therapy cats.

black cat breeds - cornish rexOkssi68//Getty Images

Cornish Rex

With its large ears and svelte body, the sweet, people-oriented Cornish Rex is a total original. Perhaps the most distinct feature of the breed is its curly coat, which is short and soft as velvet (as well as a product of a spontaneous natural mutation).

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black cat breeds - devon rexAlona Rjabceva//Getty Images

Devon Rex

Impish and big-eyed, this almost-dog-like cat is totally unique in both appearance and personality. Better yet, the Devon Rex does not discriminate and is happy in the company of pretty much anyone, human or animal.

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