20+ Small Butterfly Tattoos to Make Your Heart Flutter

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? If you can’t wait to get some more ink this summer, we encourage you to try a small butterfly tattoo. These dainty designs feature everyone’s favorite insect, the butterfly.

The wings of a butterfly in the natural world are like little works of art. Due to their endless beauty and complexity, they have become a favorite subject matter for people. Unoffensive, gorgeous, and petite, butterfly tattoos are a hot ticket today.

Due to the popularity of these designs, we wanted to discover the possibilities of the small butterfly tattoo genre. We looked at hundreds of recent examples shared on social media to get a better understanding of the limits of these tiny tattoos and how wild you can get in a tight amount of real estate. We found some good ones for you! Check out these 55 small butterfly tattoos that show big imagination in a very modest amount of space.

Starting Small

Dream a Little Dream

Black Butterfly

On the Other Hand


Swoon-Worthy Color

Dainty Duo

Touch of Blue

Contrasting Wings

Squeaky Clean?

Size of a Dime

Make It Glitter

The Smallest


That’s Not Real?


More Moo!

Case for Red

Feel It Out

Third Time’s a Charm



Tiny & Bright

On Fire

With Wisteria

Smaller Than Small

Blinded by Butterfly

Pretty in Purple


Fit for a Finger

Also for a Finger

In Your Heart

Old School

Simplicity Is Bliss


Over the Moon

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