20 Impressive Botanical Tattoo Designs to Get Inspire

Did you know that nature is a popular concept that inspires tattoos? Yes! Irrespective of gender, many people express their love for nature by getting botanical tattoos, also called plant tattoos. You can get them individually or combine them with additional elements like flowers creating your own customized piece. So whether you are a flower enthusiast or a nature lover, a botanical tattoo design can perfectly showcase your love for nature.

Botanical Tattoo Designs


However, choosing one tattoo design might become confusing, with more than a million plant species associated with different meanings available. This is where the list of the botanical tattoo designs we have presented in this article can help you make a sound decision. Remember that each tattoo has a different meaning depending on the wearer. So, let’s dive into the list of handpicked designs. Read on!

20 Botanical Tattoo Designs:

We have listed some famous and beautiful botanical tattoo designs you can engrave onto your body to express your love for nature. So go through the list and choose an appropriate one.

1. Botanical Arm Tattoo:

Botanical Arm TattooSave

This is a beautiful botanical tattoo design engraved on the forearm of the wearer. The creativity of merging the flowers, including the stems, makes the design look very realistic. Small dotted lines on the upper and lower side resemble semi-circle. Furthermore, the wearer has added a name in the central area of the tattoo, making the design more customized for oneself. The initials and the flowers beautifully bend in, seemingly making it not out of place.

2. Botanical Forearm Tattoo:

Botanical Forearm Tattoo


Suppose you want an exciting way to represent a botanical tattoo design. In that case, this abstract one can be an ideal choice. The benefit of abstract tattoos is that you can add elements of your choice to make them more personal, authentic and customized. For example, combining the flowers and leaves represents new beginnings, happiness and luck. Also, though the tattoo looks good on the forearm, you can get it done on the back too.

3. Beautiful Botanical Tattoo With Butterflies:

Beautiful Botanical Tattoo With ButterfliesSave

This is a botanical tattoo design which includes beautiful butterflies in addition to gorgeous flowers. This tattoo has multiple variations of flowers ranging from big to cute little ones in different colours. The tattoo also has bold, beautiful and colourful butterflies that add to the beauty of this tattoo design. Though you can go with the suggested colours, you can always change the colours for the flowers and butterflies per your preference.

4. Botanical Plant Tattoo:

Botanical Plant Tattoo


Suppose you are a fan of botanical tattoo designs with a look of mehendi design colours. In that case, this design can work in your favour. Unlike the other tattoos, this design looks a little like a henna design because of the shades of colours used for the pattern. Furthermore, the placement also plays an essential role in the design’s overall look. The place near the upper side of the wrist looks very fulfilling.

5. Botanical Flower Tattoo On The Back:

Botanical Flower Tattoo On The BackSave

This cherry blossom botanical tattoo design on the back looks pretty and elegant, like something from a picture book. The wearer has gotten these cherry blossoms in full bloom and buds on the back starting from the shoulder. The entire look of the tattoo is beautiful and very realistic, signifying the celebration of life. Though the tattoo looks gorgeous in their authentic colours, you can experiment with some other colours if you want.

6. Botanical Tattoo Designs In A Vase:

Botanical Tattoo Designs In A Vase


This is another gorgeous botanical tattoo design where the flowers are placed inside a glass vase creating a visually appealing pattern. This tattoo looks perfect engraved on the forearm, though you can also place it on the back. Using a combination of black ink for the vase, colours for the flowers, and adding leaves creates a natural-looking tattoo.

7. Fine Line Botanical Tattoo:

Fine Line Botanical TattooSave

Suppose you are a fan of minimalism and want to incorporate the same in the form of a tattoo. In that case, this fine-line botanical tattoo can be a perfect option. Everything in this design is delicate, including the flowers, leaves and the colours used to make them look natural. Furthermore, since all the elements of this design come in a straight line, this tattoo looks exceptional on the bicep, forearm or back, depending on your preference.

8. Botanical Forearm Tattoos:

Botanical Forearm Tattoos


This botanical forearm tattoo is a perfect way to represent your love for nature realistically. Whether it is the flowers, the leaves or the vine, all the elements are done beautifully, going with the curvature of the hand. This tattoo looks beautiful on anyone, irrespective of age and gender. Furthermore, you can experiment with different colour shades to make the tattoo more personal.

9. Botanical Tattoo Near The Elbow:

Botanical Tattoo Near The ElbowSave

This one can be perfect if you want a simple yet unique botanical tattoo design made only with black ink. Unlike the other tattoos in this article, this design is done entirely in black ink, giving it a flawless look. Furthermore, since the tattoo is small, you can engrave it anywhere, like the wrist, shoulder, and area near the elbow. However, if you wish, you can always experiment with colours.

10. Colourful Botanical Tattoo On The Back:

Colourful Botanical Tattoo On The Back


The back is the perfect place if you want substantial botanical tattoo designs.The tattoos have gotten on the back age well because they are not exposed to the sun. After all, the place is usually covered. The addition of a bunch of flowers in different colours in addition to green leaves creates a realistic-looking tattoo. Furthermore, the cursive letter G is incorporated in the middle, making the tattoo more personal to the wearer.

11. Botanical Collar Bone Tattoo:

Botanical Collar Bone TattooSave

This is another botanical tattoo design that is very sleek and slender, giving the pattern a feminine look. The flowers are in dark purple, the leaves in dark green, with the stem in black ink, making the tattoo look real. Young women usually prefer these types of tattoos. This slender tattoo looks beautiful near the collar bone, on the side of the breast, arm or back.

12. Blackwork Botanical Tattoo:

Blackwork Botanical Tattoo


This design can be ideal if you enjoy deep and meaningful botanical tattoos. If you observe closely, two hands are holding one another forming a vase with beautiful flowers and leaves. Furthermore, unlike the other tattoos, this design is done only with black ink, which might make it stand out. However, if you like the design, you can always experiment with colours and own up to the plan.

13. Botanical Illustration Tattoo:

Botanical Illustration TattooSave

This beautiful botanical tattoo might look simple, but it has many intricate details if you look closely. All the details are sleek and slender, whether the flowers, leaves or even the stem. This tattoo is suitable for men and women, which helps them express their feminine side. The forearm, biceps, leg or even the back can be the perfect places to get this tattoo engraved.

14. Botanical Fern Tattoo On The Neck:

Botanical Fern Tattoo On The Neck


Suppose you are looking for botanical tattoo ideas inspired by a plant or a part of a plant. In that case, this design can be an exceptional choice. The meaning behind this fern tattoo might vary from person to person. When you visit the tattoo artist, you can take the inspiration with you to make the design look as realistic as possible. Though the tattoo looks exceptional on the arm or leg, you can also get it done on the neck, depending on how much visibility you want the tattoo to have.

15. Gorgeous Botanical Tattoo:

Gorgeous Botanical TattooSave

This minimal yet elegant botanical design is an ideal choice because who doesn’t like a twine with leaves and flowers in the form of a tattoo? Of course, the benefit of such tattoos is adding as many twigs, flowers and leaves as you want to make the tattoo all the more unique and personal. The arm or the leg are the perfect places to engrave such tattoos because they occupy the space beautifully. Of course, you can always experiment with colours if you wish.

16. Vintage Botanical Tattoo On The Waist:

Vintage Botanical Tattoo On The Waist


Peonies are some of the most popular flowers for tattoos because they have beauty and significance to the wearer. Unlike all the previous tattoos, this design has broad flowers, leaves and stems, which look exceptionally gorgeous when you add multiple colours. Complementing colours create a visually appealing tattoo design suitable for the younger generation. These peonies also represent enlightenment—love and honour- so these tattoos are popular.

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17. Minimalist Botanical Tattoo Near The Breast:

Minimalist Botanical Tattoo Near The BreastSave

Suppose you are a woman searching for botanical tattoo designs that are minimalistic yet attractive. In that case, this pattern can be an ideal choice. The wearer has gotten this tattoo near the breast area. Additionally, the opposite side of the flowers is a small bee tattoo on the arm which has a deeper meaning for the wearer. Finally, the placement of this tattoo allows you to cover up if you wish.

18. Botanical Sternum Tattoo With A Bee:

Botanical Sternum Tattoo With A Bee


This is yet another botanical tattoo design usually preferred by women because the tattoo is placed in the sternum. One side of the flowers is purple, and the other is red, creating a complimenting effect. Furthermore, there is also a bee in the middle of both the flower, indicating the hardworking nature of the wearer. You can always use different colours than presented in this picture to make the design more personal to yourself.

19. Vintage Botanical Tattoo Designs On The Legs:

Vintage Botanical Tattoo Designs On The LegsSave

Though many of us have seen botanical tattoos on most of the body, legs can be an excellent option where the vine can cover the entire leg creating a beautiful look. The thin vines spread across the leg, from the thighs to the ankle. Though you can get the tattoo in all black, adding colours can make the tattoo look more lively and gorgeous.

20. Simple Botanical Tattoo For Women:

Simple Botanical Tattoo For WomenSave

This is yet another botanical tattoo design aimed at minimalists who aren’t fans of vast structures which occupy too much space. The wearer has gotten this tattoo right in the middle of two breasts making the design more personal and gorgeous. Try to use different colours for the flowers, whether light or bright exuding an aesthetic feel.


Botanical tattoos have several meanings, making them a popular choice. Irrespective of the symbolism, botanical tattoos often carry a personal significance to the wearer, making them more unique and special. Therefore, go through the list of all the tattoos of botanicals and choose the one that relates to you the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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